RVA Reggae Jerk Fest 2022 is respectfully devoted to remembering with immeasurable heartfelt gratitude, our beloved brethren who have gone to join other great icons in that glorious Reggae band of the heavens. 


“ Toots” Hibbert, who brought world-wide attention to Reggae music with his soulful style and energetic stage performances. He Pressure Drop the whole world with strength in humility. 54-46 was his number.


The awesome ‘soul adventurer’, toaster Daddy U Roy, the Originator. Our first dance hall deejay on mainstream radio in Jamaica. Wake the town and tell the people with magical and rhythmical lyrics


Bunny Wailer, the original Blackheart Man, the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter-percussionist and an original member of the Wailers. He brought a heighten  spiritual sensitivity to Reggae.


Charismatic Bunny Rugs, the raspy-voiced lead singer of Third World and Inner Circle, proved himself well as an enchanting and vibrant solo artist. I am sure, now that he has found love.


The sweet but painfully touching voice of Tabby Diamond and Bunny Diamond, How Mighty! They no longer need a roof and in remembrance we will Pass the Kutchie.


No worries and because of their legacy, Reggae is still alive.  We salute them all.