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Tickets can be purchased at the gate. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or debit/credit cards.

Online Purchases:

Adults $15

*Children 10 years and under $10

Infant - 2 years and under FREE

At The Gate:

Adults $20

Children 10 years and under $10

Infant 2 years and under FREE

This event is Rain or Shine - No Refunds or Exchanges

No Coolers, Tents, or any type of Alcohol beverages, or Food are allowed.

Lawn Chairs will be permitted.

No animals are allowed, ONLY service animals with proper paperwork.

*Online purchases for children under 10 years of age will be verified at the gate.



Featuring: Kenyatta Culture Hill, Koolant Brown,
I&I Riddim, Sister Nickey, Soulshot Sound, and Randy Star


Vendor Files

Interested Vendors should complete the application and make sure that the Vendor Requirements are understood and can be adhered to.  Vendors will need to send the COMPLETED application back to rvareggaefest@gmail.com.  Once the applications are received, they will be reviewed and a decision will be made and the Vendors will be notified.



Important Info



Good to Know


Local Love

We celebrate the diverse community of Richmond. People from all races and cultures come to celebrate the oneness of humanity. We have more similarities than differences, but we do celebrate and welcome the differences. Let's take time to investigate, learn about and appreciate each other. Reggae, originating in the tough neighborhoods of Kingston Jamaica, has always carried the message of peace and love. Only by adopting these principles can humanity be saved from a precipitous end. Reggae brings people together. The United Nations educational, scientific, and cultural organization (UNESCO), has designated reggae music as an "intangible cultural heritage of humanity." Reggae music is love that the world can enjoy.


Jerk Cuisine

Jerk is the Jamaican style of cooking that has gained great popularity for the high degree of spices that tantalizes and stimulates the taste buds with a variety and combination that creates its own unique flavors.

The origins of the cuisine are not totally clear but many attribute its development to the Africans who came to Jamaica with their own unique foods and methods of cooking. It is mingled with the cuisine of the native Arawaks and Tianos, the original inhabitants of the island. This combined with the natural Jamaican way of “trying a ting and seeing how it works” has released creativeness in food presentation that is totally Jamaican. Scotch Bonnet peppers and allspice are the basis of the spices. Marinated and then a slow cooked, allowing the taste to spring from every morsel.

RVA Reggae Jerk Fest brings together the best “Jerkers” along the east coast of the United States. They endeavor to go beyond the limits of the favorite meats (that are usually jerked) and include some real innovations. Have you had jerk lobster, shrimp or even rabbit? Well come along and be a part of RVA Reggae Jerk Fest. You could have all that a palate would be willing to taste and more.